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Our wide range of offerings

Technical Operations and Maintenance


We offer a range of engineering services to undertake complete management of building assets such as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Access control, CCTV, Utilities and Infrastructure as well as irrigation works.

Fire & Data Center

We offer a range Electrical Systems, Fire Control and Fire Detection, Critical Engineering management,Minor Civil works.

Preventive Maintenance

Our Technical operations teams are well qualified and trained to diagnose and provide preventive planned & corrective maintenance support on a 24x7 basis.

Soft Services

Facilities Services India’s services portfolio in soft services include Janitorial services, Concierge and Reception services, Mail room and Porter services, Landscaping, Catering, Pool Maintenance, Fleet management, Waste management, Vending services and Pest control.


We provide qualified, trained, reliable and highly motivated human resources to address a complex and


Diverse range of soft skills requirements across several business sectors and disciplines.

Soft Services

Security Services

Security Services

We also offer a variety of services oriented towards the unique needs of the real estate sector.

Escorted duties with Armed/unarmed

These include Project Management, Fit out Management, Energy and Environment Management, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.

Dog Squads

Real Estate Management, Property Management and Hospitality support services.

Performance Management

We provide professional analysis of overall service outputs by identifying critical factors which have a tangible impact on our clients’ business objectives, through in depth aggregated and objective measurements

Breakdown Support

We deliver comprehensive investigations into operational failure and substandard performance practices from Specialist Service Providers.

Monitoring and Measurement

We also deliver recommendation reports based on our findings for global best practices to minimize or eliminate operational failures through critical process and information management, as part of our performance measurement and management services.

Emergency Support

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